September 2009

A Five Day Camp with Stellan Bengtsson

Fourteen players trained with the same coach that has helped Waldner and Persson.
Click here to learn more about Stellan's achievements as a player and coach. Stellan is now sponsored by JUIC and Paddle Palace.
Assisted by 10-time US National Champion, Angelita Rosal Bengtsson.

Dear Stellan and Angie,

"I know I said this to both of you already before I left the camp, but thank you so much again for coaching at the Salem camp. I can't say enough about how much I learned, and how efficiently the drills ingrained the habits into me. I know both of you are professionals, but it just absolutely amazes me how quickly and most importantly how well you can explain and highlight the problems in my game. I've been going through all the notes I took from each session every evening trying to ingrain them into my head before I go to sleep, and it astounds me how much I've learned over 4.5 days. Today's session in particular was absolutely eye-opening in terms of techniques with regards to short balls, making space for myself when moving to my backhand, and looping underspin balls with a fast loop rather than my normal slow spinny loops."