Oregon State Games Tournament

July 10-11, 2010

The State Games of Oregon is a series of competitions for different sports, including table tennis. The table tennis tournament is traditionally held in Portland each year. This year, Salem had the honor of hosting this popular tournament.

To learn more about the State Games organization go to their website at www.stategamesoforegon.org. Questions about the table tennis tournament are best directed to the director, Tim Titrud at sixleaves@aol.com

Here are the overall results:

Wild Card Doubles
1st Man Yan and Hiram Tibon

2nd Darrel Lund and Roger Castle

3rd Dino Murphy and Scott Lipscomb

Boys 10 and under

1st Richard Yan

2nd Kai Denham

Girls 10 and under

1st Julie Lely

Girls 11-13

1st Justine Lely

2nd Jessica Lely

Boys 14-19

1st Fletcher Pifer

2nd Ryan Jones

20 to 49 years of age

1st Man Yan

2nd Rezaur Rahman,

3rd Sheng Zhen

50 to 65 years of age

1st Peter Wong

2nd Tim Titrud

3rd Ben Bednarz

65 + years of age

1st Doug Clark

2nd Harry Ehrmantraut


1st Yun Fan

Under 400

1st Steven Hutsell

2nd Richard Yan

3rd Kai Denham

Under 700

1st Richard Yan

2nd Steven Hutsell

3rd Harry Ehrmantraut

Under 1000

1st Darrel Lund

2nd Dino Murphy

3rd Kaia Wilson

Under 1400

1st Giang Ly

2nd Ryan Jones

3rd Michael Groom

Under 1700

1st Fletcher Pifer

2nd David Edwards

3rd Matthew Barns

Under 2000

1st Roger Castle

2nd Tian Wei Chen

3rd Man Yan


1st David Chung

2nd Tian Wei Chen

3rd Kern Shim