Oregon State Games Tournament

July 7-8, 2007

To learn more about the State Games organization go to their website at www.stategamesoforegon.org. Questions about the table tennis tournament are best directed to the director, Tim Titrud at sixleaves@aol.com

Salem had two local medal winners. Doug Clark, who is also an office of the Willamette Table Tennis Club, won a medal for the second year in a row. Leslie Weisenhaus, who graduated from Sprague High School this June and who won a Sprague Championship tournament earlier this year, finished second in the Women's Open division. Congratulations to Doug and Leslie!

Here are the overall results:

Under 400

1st Cheryl Lund
2nd Mathew Xu
3rd Anna Kim

Under 700

1st Miles M. Thoming-Gale
2nd Paige Burns
3rd Oktavian Gabor

Under 1000

1st Darrel Lund
2nd Doug Clark
3rd Will Potter

U 1400

1st Giang T. Ly
2nd Lee Wethamer
3rd Brian Yoder

Under 1700

1st Jim Herman
2nd David Edwards
3rd Lee Werthamer

Under 2000

1st Liao Yang
2nd Uli Stingl
3rd Kern Shim
3rd Sovachana Pou


1st Guang Zhang
2nd Peter Wong
3rd Man Yan

Women's Singles

1st Nagini Reddy
2nd Leslie Weisenhaus
3rd Katie Gaetjens

Boys 10 and under

1st Ethan Liu
2nd Jeshua J. Olsen-Gross
3rd Nathan L Williams

Boys 11-14

1st Will Potter
2nd Miles M. Thoming-Gale
3rd Oktavian Gabor

Girls 11-14

1st Nagini Reddy

Girls 15-19

1st Leslie Weisenhaus


1st Brian Yoder


1st Ashok Kabadi
2nd Jim Herman
3rd Phil Goldsmith


1st Harry Ehrmantraut
2nd Paige Burns

Wild Card Doubles

1st Uli Stingl and Paige Burns
2nd Oktavian Gabor and David Edwards
3rd Jim Herman and M. Thoming-Gale

Here are a couple of pictures submitted by the tournament director, Tim Titrud.