Oregon State Games Tournament

July 8-9, 2006

The State Games of Oregon is a series of competitions for different sports, including table tennis. The table tennis tournament is traditionally held in Portland each year. This year, Salem had the honor of hosting this popular tournament.

To learn more about the State Games organization go to their website at www.stategamesoforegon.org. Questions about the table tennis tournament are best directed to the director, Tim Titrud at sixleaves@aol.com

Salem had great success at the tournament this year with five medal winners.

Yan, Doug, Nancy, Jay, and Greg

From left to right are Yan Huang (2nd Under 1700), Doug Clark (1st in Under 700 and 2nd in Under 1000), Nancy Reynolds (3rd in Under 400), Jay Hoffman, and Greg Pramuk (3rd Under 1400). Not pictured is Fran Liu (1st Under 1400 and 3rd Doubles).

Here are the overall results:

wild card doubles

1st Vu Le and David Edwards
2nd Peter Wong and Mary Dang
3rd Harry Ehrmantraut and Frank Liu

under 400

1st Mary Dang
2nd Cheryl Lund
3rd Nancy Reynolds

under 700

1st Doug Clark
2nd Nagani Reddy
3rd Cheryl Lund

under 1000

1st Darrel Lund
2nd Doug Clark
3rd Will Potter

under 1400

1st Frank Liu
2nd David Edwards
3rd Greg Pramuk

under 1700

1st John Zhongkai
2nd Yan Huang
3rd Jim Herman
3rd Foung Ly

under 2000

1st Uli Stingl
2nd John Zhongkai
3rd Kern Shim
3rd Jim Scott

open event

1st Tina Hung Yu Chen
2nd Roger Castle
3rd Peter Wong
3rd Gary Ruderman