2007 End-of-Summer Barbecue

Matthew Barnes at grill Rebecca Bednarz and Nancy Reynolds

Saturday, September 1st, 2007, was part of Labor Weekend and it was the date of our end of the summer party. Play started at 1:00PM as usual, and with the barbeque grill firing up around 3:30.

The featured cuisine included hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, sode, and a host of donated salads, and soda. The weather was nice and most people took chairs outside and enjoyed the scenery while they dined.

Turnout was great! With the main Portland club closed that day, we had a nice group of visitors from out-of-town. Altogether, there were 25 players and another 10 or so non-playing family members. This was one of our best turnouts ever (35 total).

We had people asking when we could host another one of these. Because of the popular demand, we will be looking for more opportunities. So keeep an eye out, because we might have something before next September!

Mark Kobernick and Man Yan People eating Kern Shim
Mark Kobernick and Man Yan Kern Shim