Facility Operation Rules during Covid-19


WTTC has implemented a set of policy rules regarding clbu operations in order to provide a safe environment with regardin to the covid-19 pandemic, and to comply with State law.

The following is a PDF copy of our policy:
click for Covid-19 policy.

Opening club facilities:

  1. Open the club only with rolling doors open on both east and west sides. No exceptions, regardless of weather.
  2. Maximum of 18 people in the club at any one time.
  3. Gloves should be used when handling gate and gate lock, doors and doorknobs, light switches, the robot, and other parts of the facility.
  4. People need to sign a rules acknowledgment and liability waiver every time they come to play.
  5. People need to put times or arrival and departure on a sign-in list, in case we ever need to do contact tracing.

Occupying club space:

  1. Face masks are recommended when not playing.
  2. Six foot social distancing is required while on the sidelines.
  3. No spectators inside the courts.


  1. Players don’t switch ends during matches.
  2. During matches, each player uses his own ball.  They don’t touch each other’s game balls.
  3. No sitting on tables or rubbing hands on tables.
  4. Gloves are not recommended while playing.
  5. Doubles play is strongly discouraged.

Club facilities:

  1. Club fridge should be sanitized after opening.
  2. People need to be very careful about use of the bathroom and should sanitize it before and after use.
  3. People need to be careful about touching the big table by the chairs.
  4. Club balls should be disinfected before and after use.
  5. Loaner paddles will be put away.
  6. The ball scoopers must be sanitized before and after use.