Salem versus Corvallis Team Competition

On June 2, 2007, we saw the Corvallis Team edge the Salem team by the closest of margins.


Salem Corvallis
1. Sean Shim
2. Eugene Rhee
3. Yan Huang
4. Matthew Barnes
5. Ben Bednarz
6. Nancy Reynolds
1. Leo Yang
2. Frank Liu
3. Mengjin Su
4. Xihou Yin
5. Huaping Liu
6. Ethan Liu

All players on each team played all the players on the opposing team in singles. Then we paired up for doubles play (3 doubles teams for each side) and all doubles teams played each other.

In singles play, Corvallis had two dominant players: their number 1 player, Leo Yang, easily beat all of the Salem players, never scoring worse than 3-1. And their number 5 player, Huaping Liu, also cruised through the Salem players, losing only to Yan. By the time the singles play was done, the Corvallis team had a 20-16 edge and it looked like a route was on. Fortunately, Salem faired better in doubles.

In doubles play, the Salem teams were Sean & Eugene, Matthew & Ben, Yan & Nancy, while the Corvallis teams were Leo & Frank, Mengjin & Xihou, Huaping & Ethan. Leo & Frank, as might be expected, were unstoppable and went 3-0 in matches (although they had a tough five-game match with Sean & Eugene). However, all the rest of the doubles matches belonged to Salem. The result was that Salem won a 6-3 edge in doubles play.

The combined match score was 23-22 in favor of Corvallis.

The players had so much fun that another match was tenantively agreed for early August.