Salem versus Corvallis Team Competition

On February 9, 2008, we saw the Corvallis Team once again edge the Salem team. These guys are just too good. The biggest winner was Huaping Liu, who won all of his matches. In fact, in the last two team events, Huaping has lost only one match. Next time, we'll have to ask him to play for Salem, just to even things out.


Salem Corvallis
1. Sean Shim
2. Yan Huang
3. Matthew Barnes
4. Ben Bednarz
5. Yule Lee
6. Bob Van Slyke
1. Leo Yang
2. Frank Liu
3. Huaping Liu
4. Mengjin Su
5. Jeremy Young
6. Ethan Liu

All players on each team played all the players on the opposing team in singles. Then we paired up for doubles play (3 doubles teams for each side) and all doubles teams played each other.

In singles play, Corvallis was let once again by Leo Yang. For the first time, however, Leo lost a match as Sean Shim won their match 3-2. And, as mentioned, Huaping Liu was dominant. In our match last June, Huaping listed himself as the #5 player but only lost once. This time, he ranked himself as #3, and didn't lose at all. Overall, however, Salem did make it the closest singles match yet. Last June, Corvallis edged Salem 20-16 in singles play, but this time they edge Salem only by 19-17. In fact, the singles play was so close that Salem actually won more games, 65-63! So we are making progress.

In doubles play, the Salem teams were Sean & Yule, Matthew & Ben, Yan & Bob, while the Corvallis teams were Leo & Huaping, Mengjin & Frank, Jeremy & Ethan. Again, the matches were close. Leo & Huaping, although clearly the top singles players, went 2-1, including winning a nail-biter 3-2 over Ben & Matthew. The big winners for Corvallis were Frank & Menjin, who won all three of their matches, and that made the difference. In the end, Corvallis edged Salem 5-4 in matches (17 - 16 in games). This was a step backwards for Salem, since we won the doubles portion last June, but it made for an exciting afternoon.

In the end, the combined match score was 24-21 for Corvallis, which improved on their 23-22 edge from last June. If Salem players are looking for consolation, we can take pride in winning more games, 81-80, for the first time against Corvallis. Maybe next time we'll actually win the event!