2015 State Games of Oregon

Date: July 18-19, 2015
Tournament Director: Tim Titrud

Registration and Full Details are at the
State Games Web Site:


The rated events are now based on Rating Central Ratings and not USATT Ratings.

Link for Rating Central. http://www.ratingscentral.com/

Player can participate in only one morning and one afternoon rated event
You must be over 1250 to play in the open and over 1000 to play in the under 1400 event.

Saturday July 18

9:00 am Rating under 550
9:15 am Rating under 850
9:30 am Rating under 1250

10:00 am Open

1:00 pm Rating under 700
1:15 pm Rating under 1000
2:00 pm Rating under 1400

6 pm Wildcard Doubles

Sunday July 19
10 am Hard bat : In hard bat the paddle cannot have a layer of sponge.

1230 PM Two man team event:

Players can choose their own teammate. If a player does not have a teammate one will be assigned to him or her.

There will be an upper and lower division. The top half rating teams will be in the upper division and the lower half rated teams will be in the lower division.

Order of Play: (1: A vs. Y) (2: B vs. X) (3: Doubles) (4: A vs X) (5:B vs. Y)
Winner receives 1 point for each match. Matches are played in the order listed above and until a team reaches 3 points.