Two-Man Team Tournament

Two Sections (U3700 and U2400)

Mixed singles and doubles play in a team format.

Date: Saturday, October 1,2011

Starting Time: Doors open at 9:00am tournament play begins at 10:00am.

Tournament Restricted to 16 teams

Event Fee: $20.00 each player for Upper (U3700) event.
                 $10.00 each player for Lower (U2400) event.

Advanced entry is not necessary for this tournament. You can pay when
you arrive on Saturday.

Sponsor: Willamette Table Tennis Club

Under 3700 2 player team RR. (Cash prizes are 1st place 50% / 2nd place 25%)
Under 3400 2 player team RR. (Cash prizes are 1st place 50% / 2nd place 25%)

Format: Team events are Round Robin with four teams advancing to brackets.
All matches are 11-points best of 5 games. % for prize money refers to the
percentage that is collected in entry fees.

Order of Play: (1: A1 vs. B2) (2: A2 vs. B1) (3: Doubles) (4: A1 vs. B1) (5:A2 vs. B2)
Winner receives 1 point for each match. Matches are played in the order listed
above and until team reaches 3 points.

Ratings: This is an unrated tournament, but USATT ratings will be used where available. Ratings Central ratings may be used instead, but with 200 points added. Teams are made of two players and their combined ratings must be equal to or below the maximum rating for this event. USATT ratings will be as of February 20, 2011. Unrated players will be given an estimated rating by the Tournament Director. USATT rules apply.

Finding Partners: If you need help finding a teammate please contact the Tournament Director.

Tournament Director:
Scott Lipscomb (503) 930-0826
Ben Bednarz (503) 851-2941