League play are competitive matches (singles and doubles) that are setup like an ongoing tournament. In this case, play will be ten weeks long on Thursdays, starting March 1st. Each week, player will be assigned round robin groups ("Tables") of similar level people. Players who win a table in one week will move up to the next higher table the next week, while players who finish last on a table will move down the next week to a lower table. At the end of ten weeks, trophies will be awarded.

League will run for ten weeks on Thursdays, starting on March 1st.
Players must be present at 7:15 PM. Play starts at 7:30 and typically ends around 9:30. It starts with singles play and then moves to doubles play.
A $15 fee is paid at start of the League.
Each Thursday, players play a round robin group of singles, with each match 3 out of 5 games. Then doubles teams are formed and a single 3 out of 5 match is played.
Players do NOT need to be USATT members to play and matches are not rated with USATT. Matches will be reported to Ratings Central (which is free).
Trophies are awarded to top three performers in singles and doubles by winning percentage. Must play at least seven of the ten weeks to be eligable.